Definition of re-embark in English:



  • Go on board ship again.

    ‘the attack occurred the day after the French re-embarked’
    • ‘When he found that the troops were German, Colonel Sundlo, warned the Germans that he would order an attack in 30 minutes if they did not re-embark.’
    • ‘The schedule shows the last tender as being at 3 a.m., with a warning that passengers will be responsible for any expense occurred by failing to re-embark before the set time for departure.’
    • ‘Tomochichi and other Indian Chiefs re-embarked on board the Prince of Wales, commanded by Capt. George Dunbar, who was bound for Georgia with a Transport of Salzburghers and German Protestant Refugees.’
    • ‘As soon as the ship started to float again we re-embarked and with night starting to fall we moored alongside a ship ready to embark lorries to be landed in the early hours of the next day.’
    • ‘The Japanese fought bravely but were eventually forced to withdraw, and only 1,200 survived to start re-embarking on 4 September.’
    • ‘On May 2nd, British troops were re-embarking at Namsos and withdrawing from Norway.’