Definition of razzmatazz in English:


(also razzamatazz)


mass nouninformal
  • Noisy, showy, and exciting activity and display designed to attract and impress.

    ‘the razzmatazz of a political campaign’
    • ‘Especially in the 20-year-old's US homeland, where razzmatazz sells and the sport's publicity gurus need people to buy into it.’
    • ‘Wilson's constituent mail on Social Security is filled with the same rhetorical razzmatazz.’
    • ‘But Danielsen offers a glimmer of hope for those who love blockbuster razzmatazz.’
    • ‘There was little in the way of fanfare, little in the way of razzmatazz.’
    • ‘Some razzmatazz was necessary because ticket sales were slow.’
    • ‘We will not be ‘launching’ the fundraising initiative with a big splash full of razzmatazz.’
    • ‘But it's been about a decade since his canny combination of show-biz razzmatazz and high style was on a Broadway menu.’
    • ‘But beneath this razzmatazz lies a sporting discipline full of high-energy moves and world championships.’
    • ‘The much awaited fashion week is yet to start, but the run-up to the Capital's annual dose of razzmatazz is almost as busy.’
    • ‘As Delhi prepares for its annual date with razzmatazz, the fashion-conscious are debating who would be in the limelight this year.’
    • ‘It is not possible to remedy this public disenchantment by more razzmatazz, electronic voting or Pop Idol stunts.’
    • ‘Mikey chose to keep the special day personal and romantic opting for close family and friends rather than all the ShowBiz razzmatazz…’
    • ‘Experienced observers attest to the extraordinary razzmatazz that surrounds World Cup events.’
    • ‘With much less razzmatazz, McLean is marking a 50th anniversary of her own.’
    • ‘More than 800 invited guests turned up for the high-kicking razzmatazz celebrating the town's largest single leisure investment.’
    • ‘The launch of the York City Supporters' Trust was packed with memories, stirring speeches, razzmatazz and above all a sense of hope and unity.’
    • ‘The immediate effects of all the G8 razzmatazz are negligible.’
    • ‘In place of Merman's razzmatazz, Ross gives us a rounded, unsentimental portrait of a damaged human being.’
    • ‘But we hadn't come here in quest of glitter and razzmatazz and we had looked forward to seeing an older Bastar.’
    • ‘For party animals who may want to add some razzmatazz to the festive season, there are other options.’
    ceremony, ceremoniousness, ceremonial, solemnity, ritual, display, spectacle, pageantry, pageant
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Late 19th century: probably an alteration of razzle-dazzle.