Definition of razorback in English:



  • 1A pig of a half-wild breed common in the southern US, with the back formed into a high narrow ridge.

    • ‘You've got the razorback, which is tough, all muscle.’
    • ‘This thing was like a razorback but with a deep shag like a mammoth and a tail more like a snake than a tail, and with a big tuft of hair on the end.’
    • ‘The pig known as the razorback is often associated with the state of Arkansas.’
    • ‘The murderous vendetta lasted years and involved disputes over a razorback hog and various other affronts to family dignity.’
    • ‘However, the razorback pigs from which it is made are raised in N. Carolina as well as in Virginia.’
  • 2A steep-sided narrow ridge of land.

    • ‘Getting up Mt. Gudmundson didn't look so easy as there was a very steep ice and snow bank forming a razorback up to the rocky outcrops.’
    • ‘Occasionally I glimpsed in the west a forested, razorback ridge sloping toward the equatorial lowlands below.’
    • ‘We bundled up in our heaviest clothing, packed lots of food and drinks, and ascended the razorback ridge known as Section 21.’
    • ‘To Marie, it looked like " a razorback ridge of featureless rock".’
    • ‘The terrain covered each day would include climbing razorback ridges with spectacular views, rock hopping along creek beds surrounded by tall cliffs, travelling through rocky gorges, and the occasional picturesque waterhole.’