Definition of razor grass in English:

razor grass


mass nounWest Indian
  • A tall sedge or grass with leaf blades that have sharp cutting edges.

    Genera Scleria (family Cyperaceae) and Paspalum (family Gramineae): several species

    • ‘Tonka Bean Trace is a narrow, lonely road, with large pot holes which runs uphill between bamboo stools and high razor grass.’
    • ‘I'd make my way to Daddy's factory and spend the day sitting in the office, prowling around the factory floor or running in the razor grass in the big back yard.’
    • ‘I grew up in Pt Fortin, where fruits were in abundance and didn't cost anything more than a few cuts and bruises from razor grass.’
    • ‘We hiked up steep switchbacks between ancient trees and clambered down gullies where razor grass spikes up high along the trail and mango and cashew trees form a fruitful canopy.’
    • ‘I plunged off the summit back into the razor grass and crawled my way through the last two hundred feet of dense thicket back to the quarry and my car.’