Definition of Rayleigh scattering in English:

Rayleigh scattering


mass nounPhysics
  • The scattering of light by particles in a medium, without change in wavelength. It accounts, for example, for the blue colour of the sky, since blue light is scattered slightly more efficiently than red.

    Compare with Raman effect
    • ‘The red colour in the sky at sunset is due to an effect called Rayleigh scattering.’
    • ‘At these wavelengths, Rayleigh scattering is also reduced, increasing visual clarity.’
    • ‘Additionally, there may be significant scattering by the various species present, including Rayleigh scattering by particles smaller than the wavelength of light.’
    • ‘Based on Rayleigh scattering, the sensor can be used to monitor perimeters around secure facilities and prisons.’
    • ‘This led us to shift the excitation to a lower wavelength to minimize the contribution from Rayleigh scattering in the emission spectra.’


Rayleigh scattering