Definition of rattle on/away in English:

rattle on/away

phrasal verb

  • Talk rapidly and at length, especially in an inane way.

    ‘she found herself rattling on about unhappiness and happiness’
    • ‘While Pataki rattled on endlessly about his shampoo, Whitman became very vocal about missing The Weekly Standard.’
    • ‘‘I love your look today Lori,’ Tiffany by now was clenching her fists as Dale began rattling on.’
    • ‘She sighed and looked up at her teacher, now rattling on about an assignment on local history.’
    • ‘Ask him about the weather or the federal budget or the price of kumquats, and 15 minutes later he'll still be rattling on and on and on.’
    • ‘Mark and Scott had hit it off spectacularly, rattling on about soccer, airplanes, their favorite movies and t.v. shows, and the like.’
    • ‘Devon couldn't resist rattling on about how good Jessica had been.’
    • ‘Bland interrupts his thoughts momentarily, but while she rattles on boringly, his mind again drifts back to memories of Caddy.’
    • ‘Worse still, I trapped myself in introducing them by rattling on without actually thinking of what to say.’
    • ‘Here I am rattling on about how I want to go and ‘relieve’ my tension with some buff guy, and you're having a crisis.’
    • ‘Kay was rattling on about some television show but Miki wasn't paying attention.’
    prattle, babble, chatter, gabble, prate, go on, run on, jabber, jibber-jabber, gibber, blether, blather, blither, ramble, maunder, drivel, twitter
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