Definition of rationally in English:



  • 1By reasonable or logical means.

    ‘the wealth generated by world markets has not been rationally or fairly distributed’
    • ‘Even with its rationally designed economic plan, the country has neighborhoods that are in shocking poverty.’
    • ‘This question must be rationally analysed to create an internationally workable policy.’
    • ‘We can rationally assess the cause and effects from behavior to emotion and logically adjust.’
    • ‘Rationally, I have difficulty in seeing how I could have come to a different decision.’
    • ‘The statement can be rationally accepted as very probably true.’
    • ‘And what if our traditional belief conflicts with reason - can we rationally justify keeping it?’
    • ‘He refuses to accept or to submit to anything which he does not rationally understand.’
    • ‘It bore ethical and metaphysical implications that professional psychology could not rationally explain or justify.’
    • ‘He claims that if we know of no propositions that serve as evidence for God's existence, then we cannot rationally believe in God.’
    • ‘The goal was a secular, rationally organized society.’
    • ‘By placing the most important levers of the economy under public ownership, a workers' government would be laying the foundations for a rationally planned economy, geared to human need.’
    1. 1.1 In a sensible or logical manner.
      ‘he was detached from the conflict and in a position to act rationally’
      • ‘No longer can people sanely and rationally discuss important issues without becoming petty and personal.’
      • ‘Rationally, yes, cyclists should wear helmets.’
      • ‘Rationally, I knew the restaurant must be doing something right.’
      • ‘He's not reacting rationally.’
      • ‘I know this is not true - I'm speaking rationally now.’
      • ‘Don't ask me to behave rationally.’
      • ‘I wasn't exactly thinking rationally at the time.’
      • ‘She is, however, able to respond rationally and intelligently and has a wry sense of humour.’
      • ‘The possibility that she might behave rationally seemed remote at best.’
      • ‘They are beginning to think rationally about this situation.’