Definition of ratiocinative in English:


Pronunciation /ˌratɪˈɒsɪnətɪv//ˌraʃɪˈɒsɪnətɪv/


  • See ratiocinate

    • ‘Stafford's over-arching description for this transition is the change from a visual to a verbal culture, from one based on the instructive power of sensations to one rooted in the ratiocinative skills of language.’
    • ‘The opportunity law students get to compete in oral advocacy and presentation of cases in the most ratiocinative way still keeps the spirit of moot courts burning.’
    • ‘Since this nature is rational and spiritual, reason is understood to be both ratiocinative and contemplative, but contemplation is the most sublime function of the soul.’
    • ‘Modern detective fiction is usually traced back to Edgar Allan Poe's trilogy of short stories about C. Auguste Dupin, the archetypal ratiocinative sleuth, starting with The Murders in the Rue Morgue.’
    • ‘The city being the media capital of Punjab has sharpened their ratiocinative faculties and given them sufficient opportunity to express themselves on social, economic, political, cultural and other issues.’