Definition of rate constant in English:

rate constant


  • A coefficient of proportionality relating the rate of a chemical reaction at a given temperature to the concentration of reactant (in a unimolecular reaction) or to the product of the concentrations of reactants.

    • ‘That is, we would need to know the exact concentration of the photoproducts in order to determine the rate constant for autocatalysis.’
    • ‘In the same study, it was also found that the ET rate constant was independent of temperature in the range of 283-310 K.’
    • ‘The equilibrium constant for the reaction is equal to the rate constant of the forward reaction divided by the rate constant for the reverse reaction.’
    • ‘The latter difference is largely consistent with the temperature dependence of the rate constant.’
    • ‘The rate constant for the forward reaction is defined as k + 1 and the reverse as k - 1.’
    • ‘In all tested cases, the mutations affect the dissociation rate constant much more than the association rate constant.’