Definition of rat trap in English:

rat trap


  • 1An unpleasant situation that offers no prospect of improvement.

    ‘he has to tolerate the rat trap of his first job’
    • ‘I'll let you know as soon as I get out of this rat trap.’
    • ‘Well, she's stuck in this rat trap now, so I can't say I blame her.’
    • ‘He told an audience of over 500 students how he emigrated to Britain in the 1970s to escape ‘being caught’ in the rat trap that was Dublin where ‘the only thing it offered on a Saturday night was a fight.’’
    • ‘The trade protectionism for developing countries that Make Poverty History recommends is a rat trap of gigantic proportions for the world's poor.’
  • 2A squalid or ramshackle building.

    ‘it was a stark, dirty rat trap with tattered art posters’
    • ‘The writer/director brings us the story of JT, the whiny, restless son of a rat trap motel owner.’