Definition of rasta roko in English:

rasta roko

(also raastaa roko, raasta roko, rastaa roko)


  • In India: a protest in which road traffic is disrupted by a large group of demonstrators. Frequently attributive Compare "roko".


1980s; earliest use found in Social Scientist. From Panjabi rāstā roko block the road! (and its equivalent Hindi rāstā roko), slogan of the Akali political movement from rāstā road + roko, 2nd person plural imperative of rokṇā to prevent or hinder, to disrupt, to bring to a stop (ultimately from Sanskrit rudh-, probably from the same Indo-European base as Welsh lludd (noun) obstacle).


rasta roko

/ˌrɑːstə ˈrəʊkəʊ/