Definition of raspy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɑːspi//ˈraspi/


  • Hoarse or harsh-sounding.

    ‘his voice was raspy from days of non-stop campaigning’
    ‘a persistent raspy cough’
    • ‘In her raspy and oh-so-sexy voice she taught me Spanish words and shared stories that spoke of her passion for dance.’
    • ‘Her vocal skills are strong and sweet, her voice raspy and high, but full of passion.’
    • ‘The tall grasses at the edge of the firelight made a raspy sound in the breeze.’
    • ‘The women were all in sequins and diamonds and they smoked cigarettes and had raspy voices and husky laughs.’
    • ‘The voice, deep and raspy, from too many cigarettes, was very appealing.’
    • ‘Quick syncopated rhythms and Tweet's raspy vocals are a winning formula - a certified club classic, no doubt.’
    • ‘His flow is rough, but not raspy, and as rapid fire as one can get without sputtering gibberish.’
    • ‘Guitars weep and raspy throats belt out blues from their guts as people from all walks of life swarm the tiny dancefloor.’
    • ‘No more labored breathing and no more post-nasal drip and raspy throat the next morning.’
    • ‘The tubes clipped to his nostrils gave his raspy voice a nasal quality as if he suffered from a cold, and his mouth was dry.’
    • ‘Then it's Marcus, who is seven, chiming in with his own cough - a raspy hack that can go on for hours.’
    • ‘Her voice - a bit raspy at the best of times - sounds downright ragged and weary here.’
    • ‘His voice was raspy; his throat dry like sandpaper.’
    • ‘Woke up this morning with a raspy sore throat, so retreated to the study with hot vitamin C, the radio and my photos.’
    • ‘As an actor gets older, his voice might be deemed too raspy for the part.’