Definition of raspiness in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of having a hoarse or harsh sound.

    ‘she tried to clear the raspiness from her voice’
    • ‘The lead singer has developed a slight raspiness to his usually clean vocals.’
    • ‘Voicing Yosemite Sam was rough on the throat because of Sam's sheer volume and raspiness.’
    • ‘She knocks out the tunes with a powerful vibrato that would occasionally adopt a raspiness á la Louis Armstrong.’
    • ‘Listening to the slow percolation of the organs and the smoky raspiness of his vocals on his classic tracks, you can hear the sound of true inspiration.’
    • ‘Persistent stuttering and vocal-quality problems such as hoarseness, breathiness, or raspiness may require a medical evaluation.’
    • ‘The long greasy blond locks in his face, the raspiness to his voice and his stage presence all scream Cobain in a surreal, time-travel way.’
    • ‘The vocals sounded great and picked up all the raspiness and highs in her voice.’
    • ‘He has an appealing voice - slightly breathy, with just the right amount of raspiness.’
    • ‘It is a wonderfully evocative burr, cultured throughout but with the faintest smidgens of rakish raspiness around the edges.’
    • ‘Health conditions like acid reflux common at this age can really affect the voice causing a raspiness and change in pitch.’