Definition of Raskol in English:



Church History
  • 1Collectively: the dissenters who separated from the Russian Orthodox Church at the time of the Raskol.

  • 2The schism in the Russian Orthodox Church which followed the excommunication in 1667 of those who refused to accept the liturgical reforms of the Patriarch Nikon (1605–81).

  • 3More generally: dissent from an established orthodoxy.


Late 19th century. From Russian raskol″ (now raskol) schism, dissent, specifically use of raskol″ split, division from rasklati to disrupt, to break up from ras-, variant (before second elements with initial voiceless consonant) of raz-, prefix expressing separation or intensification + klati to break, to chop, to split, to cleave (now kolot′).