Definition of rark-up in English:



  • An expression of sharp disapproval or criticism.

    ‘the show's staff were given a rark-up’
    • ‘You can be punitive and give them a big rark-up and make it a big issue.’
    • ‘Ff the teacher gives you a rark up, you've got an excuse to settle down to work.’
    • ‘Hope the firefighters union gives Labour a rark-up over this.’
    • ‘He had given the wayward youngster the statutory rark up.’
    • ‘The teachers' union is giving the Government a rark up over poverty levels.’
    • ‘I sent an email giving them a rark-up.’
    • ‘A rark up from the coaches and out they came a different team.’
    • ‘The media are getting a rark-up.’
    • ‘It is election day and I'm forbidden - by the law and my editor - from having one final rark-up of the politicians.’
    • ‘He gave us a 'rark up' through a megaphone.’