Definition of rare earth in English:

rare earth

(also rare earth element, rare earth metal)


  • Any of a group of chemically similar metallic elements comprising the lanthanide series and (usually) scandium and yttrium. They are not especially rare, but they tend to occur together in nature and are difficult to separate from one another.

    • ‘Dysprosium is one of 15 rare earth elements, a family also known as the lanthanides.’
    • ‘Thulium is a rare earth element, one of the elements found in row 6 of the periodic table.’
    • ‘It occurs primarily with the other rare earth elements in two minerals, monazite and bastnasite.’
    • ‘The effect was predicted to be very weak, but least weak with rare earth and transition metal ions.’
    • ‘The members of this family are also known as the rare earth elements.’