Definition of rapparee in English:



  • A bandit or irregular soldier in Ireland in the 17th century.

    • ‘Kelly goes to the rapparee's cave to lead him into the open and within range of the soldiers' rifles.’
    • ‘Especially in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, tories and rapparees were important, though often overlooked, figures in the history of Irish resistance to English colonisation.’
    • ‘Afterwards, Ned even gives them a note addressed to the other rapparees in the vicinity to guarantee their safe passage.’
    • ‘In 1848, an old man came to the house of William Carleton, author of Redmond Count O'Hanlon and other popular novels and short stories involving tories and rapparees.’
    • ‘Hardly any local tories or rapparees are remembered in Connacht, the generally less fertile province to which the dispossessed ‘mere Irish’ were forced by Cromwell.’


From Irish rapaire ‘short pike’.