Definition of rapier-like in English:



  • Very quick and accurate or incisive.

    ‘his rapier-like wit’
    ‘a rapier-like crosscourt backhand’
    • ‘With a blog you have the opportunity to set these mistaken people right by exposing them to your rapier-like logic.’
    • ‘Using his rapier-like jab and speed afoot, Ali earned a lopsided decision in a bout that was physically much tougher than the final outcome indicates.’
    • ‘The astuteness and rapier-like quality of his writing doesn't need smarmy expletive witticisms to back it up.’
    • ‘He himself was a good chairman, thanks to his phenomenal memory and his ability to put rapier-like questions which penetrated to the core of the matter.’
    • ‘The Italian, though, refused to lie down, breaking again for a 4-1 lead with a rapier-like crosscourt backhand.’
    • ‘Students delivered several rapier-like thrusts of logic that impressed the panels of judges, made up of eminent scientists, artists, philosophers and captains of industry.’
    • ‘He found the bottom corner with a rapier-like strike.’
    • ‘His merciless scorn, his blistering sarcasm, his rapier-like thrusts of irony must have made many an opponent squirm.’
    • ‘This could be achieved by threatening from several directions and launching high-speed, rapier-like strikes at operational headquarters and communications centres.’
    • ‘"The whole operation had a rapier-like thrust which could not possibly have been the inspiration of a sick, weary Prime Minister; nor was it his style."’