Definition of rape crisis centre in English:

rape crisis centre


  • An agency offering advice and support to victims of violent sexual crime.

    • ‘I would also urge this family to contact the National Center for Victims of Crime to find out about free or low-cost counseling at their local rape crisis center.’
    • ‘The centre in St Petersburg began in 1991 as a rape crisis centre which soon expanded to provide services around domestic violence and sexual abuse.’
    • ‘‘Such pressure could come from parents, boyfriends, policemen, prosecutors, rape crisis centres and victim support counsellors,’ he said.’
    • ‘Well done to all of the women who took part in the Women's Mini Marathon, raising so much awareness and funds for the local rape crisis centre.’
    • ‘Carrie Sinkowski works at a rape crisis centre as an outreach worker and public educator, and at a women's shelter as a researcher.’
    • ‘And €6.35 million is spent by health boards in support of rape crisis centres, women's refuges and other services.’
    • ‘Patients of non-governmental organisations with rape crisis centres will be able to access the drugs through the nine hospitals.’
    • ‘‘Many rape crisis centres do not deal with men but we would ask men to come to us for help’, she said.’
    • ‘Magic Hat has many of the trappings of a ‘socially responsible’ company, sponsoring arts events, donating to a local rape crisis center, and generally being a good neighbor.’
    • ‘The entire intent of the rape crisis center's examination is to gather evidence for prosecution.’
    • ‘Your call will be automatically routed to a rape crisis center in your geographical area.’
    • ‘She said rape crisis centres and other initiatives to help victims are being threatened because of a serious lack of funding and she said more financial assistance is needed to help survivors of sexual abuse.’
    • ‘After an operation in 1989 the woman stopped seeing Shaw and when attending a rape crisis centre in 1998 it was suggested she contact the police.’
    • ‘She is also working on disseminating the treatment to rape crisis centers.’
    • ‘Local women have walked, jogged and run in aid of the local rape crisis centre for the past ten years and the weather has held for each and every one!’
    • ‘David Berkowitz, better known as Son of Sam, worked at a rape crisis center before anyone knew what he was really up to.’
    • ‘Today, she is the executive director of Casa Amiga, the city's first and only rape crisis center and one of only six such centers in Mexico.’
    • ‘Some young feminists are starting projects of their own, such as campus feminist groups and new rape crisis centers, and doing amazing work.’
    • ‘Mackey, however, urged the judge to focus on the Bryant case and avoid the ‘political agenda of the rape crisis center.’’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Ms Wallace urged women to come forward and said they could contact the rape crisis centre.’