Definition of ranchera in English:



mass noun
  • 1A type of Mexican country music typically played with guitars and horns.

    • ‘This song draws heavily on the traditional ranchera style.’
    • ‘The drawing for the house was held at City Hall, gaily dressed with yellow balloons and reverberating with ranchera music.’
    • ‘Arellano draws interesting parallels between Morrissey's music and Mexico's ranchera music tradition.’
    • ‘Today, that station hasn't changed its format much, but ranchera is no longer the powerhouse.’
    • ‘Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso delivers a mindblowingly evocative reinvention of a classic Mexican ranchera to an open-air, nighttime assembly.’
    1. 1.1count noun A ranchera tune or song.
      • ‘Los Lobos, since its inception, has defied categorization, with a repertoire of traditional rock, blues, Mexican rancheras and their own tunes, which bring together elements of all of the above.’
      • ‘Her music is a reflection of her multicultural childhood in Mexico and her studies in anthropology in Minnesota, with its combination of Mexican folklore, boleros, borderland rancheras, opera, and American jazz and blues.’
      • ‘Although usually connected with mariachi, rancheras are performed by all regional Mexican music ensembles.’


From Spanish cancion rancheró ‘farmers' song’.