Definition of ramrod in English:


nounPlural ramrods

  • 1A rod for ramming down the charge of a muzzle-loading firearm.

    • ‘For the double-ended ramrods, one end is threaded for cleaning attachments and the other end shaped concave for loading a patched round lead ball over 30 grains of powder.’
    • ‘Stark's regiment loaded the powder and wad into the muzzle of their gun, and with a ramrod forced a musketball into the burning hot barrel of the weapon.’
    • ‘This lever is hollow to house the shot barrel ramrod, which generally lands on the ground.’
    • ‘The next step is ensuring an unloaded firearm, which is accomplished with the ramrod as explained earlier.’
    • ‘Contemporary drill manuals dictated twenty separate steps to load and fire the Bess, including five just to replace the ramrod.’
    • ‘Another plus on the side of safety is the length of the ramrod, which matches the distance from base of breech to muzzle.’
    • ‘This produces enough tension to keep the ramrod from wiggling around and cancels the tendency to come loose from the barrel groove under recoil.’
    • ‘Raven now withdrew a metal ramrod that was set beneath the metal tube, and stared at it.’
    • ‘‘Take away the ramrod and you'd barely know it was a muzzleloader,’ Remington Arms says of its Model 700 in-line muzzleloaders.’
    • ‘I watched his hands, tipping measured amounts of powder from a pewter horn, tapping in a ball and wad with a short ramrod.’
    • ‘Also included is our custom made collapsible brass and wood ramrod that tucks neatly into the fore-end when not in use and a wrench for easy removal of the breech plug for both safety and easy cleaning.’
    • ‘We both rammed the ball down at the same time, throwing the ramrod over our shoulders carelessly.’
    • ‘Two brown-finish thimbles under the barrel secure the wooden ramrod.’
    1. 1.1 Used in similes and metaphors to describe an erect or rigid posture.
      ‘he held himself ramrod straight’
      • ‘The magazine that was in my hand flew from my hand and up I stood like a ramrod and trampled out into the stairwell.’
      • ‘She turned her back to Maura, her spine ramrod straight.’
      • ‘Walking over to the wall, he pulled his body gracefully up and sat down with his back ramrod straight.’
      • ‘He walks over to his locker, stiff-legged, his back ramrod straight, and grabs his change of clothes.’
      • ‘With his back ramrod straight, he balances a heavy water jug on his head, spilling not a drop, and turns to trudge up the hill.’
      • ‘He was walking back over to his car, back ramrod straight.’
      • ‘She was sitting ramrod straight in her chair, with perfect posture, of course.’
      • ‘When the visit was over and Biden started to leave, a young girl stood ramrod straight at her desk and said, ‘You cannot leave.’’
      • ‘He handed over his passport to the ramrod stiff guard in the booth and waited.’
      • ‘With his ramrod posture and off-the-cuff New York delivery, Dean did not meet that need.’
      • ‘I lay down beside him on my back, stiff as a ramrod, praying he wasn't going to do what he did.’
      • ‘Jillie tossed her hair over her shoulder as she walked to her car, her back ramrod straight, feeling his eyes boring into her with every step she took.’
      • ‘He sat ramrod straight and stared straight ahead.’
      • ‘Every time he appeared on screen, with his ramrod straight posture and gaze of steel, my friends and I would burst out laughing.’
      • ‘She glared and him from one step down, her back ramrod straight.’
      • ‘On Mondays her hair is crumpled and unbrushed, she is slumped in her seat (unlike her usual ramrod posture), and she looks paler than a corpse in a coffin.’
      • ‘He glanced at the girl next to him, holding her head so regally and high, her back ramrod straight.’
      • ‘Sitting ramrod straight in an armchair in the sitting room of the London hotel where she is staying, she replies that she had forgotten she had written that.’
      • ‘Her body was ramrod straight, stiff with tension.’
      • ‘Blackstone entered, his back ramrod straight, as if he were still in the military.’
      phallus, erect penis
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  • 2North American A foreman or manager, especially one who is a strict disciplinarian.

    ‘he was ramrod for the construction of the Apollo command module’
    supervisor, overseer, superintendent, manager, boss, team leader, line manager, controller
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verbramrodding, ramrods, ramrodded

[with object]ramrod something through
North American
  • Force a proposed measure to be accepted or completed quickly.

    ‘they ramrodded through legislation voiding the court injunctions’
    • ‘Significantly, it was ramrodded through Smith & Wesson when a gun-smart woman, Sherry Collins, was in charge of the company's marketing.’
    • ‘I am dismayed that once again a condo project has been ramrodded through without any democratic consultation.’
    • ‘While the vote shows that the pan-blue camp will no longer be able to ramrod its proposals through the legislature, the pan-green camp will still have to battle to get its legislative platform enacted.’
    • ‘It shows that she is interested only in ramrodding it through Parliament, come what may.’
    • ‘They resisted the efforts of the Berskshire Sports & Entertainment group (BS&E) formed to ramrod the stadium through.’