Definition of ramjet in English:



  • A type of jet engine in which the air drawn in for combustion is compressed solely by the forward motion of the aircraft.

    • ‘The engine, which will be provided by the Air Force, will be a dual-mode scramjet capable of running as a ramjet or scramjet.’
    • ‘The unpiloted vehicle's supersonic combustion ramjet, or scramjet, ignited as planned and operated for the duration of its hydrogen fuel supply.’
    • ‘They've carried 400 lb of cargo, but the X - 15 carried a comparable amount of instrumentation, telemetry, flight experiments, data recorders, and on several occasions, a test model of a supersonic ramjet.’
    • ‘The X - 43A is an air-breathing supersonic ramjet, which ducts air directly from the atmosphere, mixing it with hydrogen before combustion.’
    • ‘The two main contenders are hypersonic ramjets or scramjets and nanotube-based space elevators.’