Definition of ramie in English:



mass noun
  • 1A vegetable fibre noted for its length and toughness.

    • ‘While it is around 15% in jute, it is less than 5% in flax and ramie.’
    • ‘Potential sources being tested include soy, hemp, ramie, kenaf stems, pineapple and henequen leaves, and banana stems.’
    • ‘Plant fibre used in carpet construction, including sisal, cotton, jute, coconut, pineapple, ramie, and hemp, have characteristics similar to cotton.’
    1. 1.1 Cloth woven from ramie.
      • ‘Another collection is totally natural with natural fabrics like ramie, natural colours such as green and yellow, and a simple cut.’
      • ‘Climatex Lifecycle, made by Swiss company Rohner Textil, is fabric made of pesticide free wool and organically grown ramie (a natural linen-like fiber).’
      • ‘The fibre in its various forms will eventually rank alongside linen, cotton, and ramie.’
      • ‘It dissolves fabrics made of cellulose fibers, such as cotton, linen, rayon, and ramie, offering a variety of decorative options.’
      • ‘Indeed, even coastal fisheries were severely hampered after 1941 by mounting shortages of cotton yarn, ramie, Manila hemp, and, most importantly, petroleum.’
      • ‘I would like to dye them both darker colors - but linen is traditionally one of the more difficult natural fibers to dye, and I don't know anything about dying ramie at all, except that it is ‘similar’ to flax.’
  • 2The plant of the nettle family which yields ramie, native to tropical Asia.

    Boehmeria nivea, family Urticaceae


Mid 19th century: from Malay rami.