Definition of Rambo in English:



  • An exceptionally tough, aggressive man.

    • ‘Yet, there is a surefire way to rile the mild-mannered 41-year-old who is the furthest thing in the world from a Rambo.’
    • ‘I was a junior member of the National Rifle Association when it was about being a sportsman, not a Rambo.’
    • ‘In movies and television they are still portrayed as Rambos, mercenaries, head cases, even as they approach retirement in the face of declining benefits.’
    • ‘He has adopted a Rambo mentality and carries knives, guns and grenades on his person which he will not hesitate to use.’
    • ‘The media and the government referred to this group as militant land owners, rascals, criminals, Rambos, thugs, hooligans, trouble makers and rebels.’
    • ‘They call it a liaison mission but it was really a military patrol on a Rambo mission.’
    • ‘Sure, there are gung-ho soldiers, the kind who envision themselves as modern day Rambos but, as with any other career out there, you will find the ultra-charged, alpha-worker within any group of people.’
    • ‘He also fancies himself as a bit of a Rambo type, with murky rumours of his military exploits incongruously floating around the mild mannered madman.’
    • ‘The Rambos on my left looked at me as though i did something wrong but then the sweaty glamour girl moved closer to me and the stench of the garlic and her white jeans that she's been wearing the last 6 months hit me and I made like I was sick.’


The name of the hero of David Morrell's novel First Blood (1972), popularized in the films First Blood (1982) and Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985).