Definition of Raman effect in English:

Raman effect


mass nounPhysics
  • A change of wavelength exhibited by some of the radiation scattered in a medium. The effect is specific to the molecules which cause it, and so can be used in spectroscopic analysis.

    Compare with Rayleigh scattering
    • ‘Consisting of a silica core covered by a metallic shell, the nanoshells capture and focus the passing light, enhancing the Raman effect.’
    • ‘He received the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics for his research on the diffusion of light and discovery of the Raman effect.’
    • ‘Intel managed to produce a full Raman effect on silicon.’
    • ‘The Raman effect arises from the inelastic scattering of radiation in the visible region by molecules.’
    • ‘The Raman effect is extremely pronounced in silicon, though it isn't in fiber materials, Paniccia said.’


Raman effect