Definition of ramada in English:



  • An arbour or porch.

    • ‘The garden is resplendent with California poppies, blossoming artichokes, and, at its center, a ramada built with kiwi vines intertwined with willow and recycled wood.’
    • ‘For shade, the ramada, a classic freestanding, open-air structure, is still a common feature in desert gardens.’
    • ‘Let the ramada's style dictate the furnishings.’
    • ‘Finally, we used baling wire to hang all twenty-five pop bottles from the ceiling of the ramada and threaded clear Christmas lights among them to add to the market-festival effect.’
    • ‘Though traditional ramadas were made with mesquite poles, ocotillo canes, and saguaro, these materials are not readily available in nurseries, and laws prevent harvesting from public land.’


Mid 19th century: from Spanish.