Definition of ram paddock in English:

ram paddock


NZ, Australian
  • An enclosure in which rams are kept segregated from the rest of a flock of sheep.

    ‘the most unnerving span of land I crossed was the ram paddock’
    • ‘You could make do with one paddock, but two larger paddocks plus a small ram paddock would be ideal.’
    • ‘The ewe lambs can go in the ram paddock.’
    • ‘At the moment the ram paddock is sheep-free—the ram and four ewes are foraging in the Hazelnut Orchard.’
    • ‘I left him at the ram-paddock, trying to track his horse.’
    • ‘One huge pine branch has crashed down the ram paddock, and reaches into the pond.’
    • ‘The storekeeper directed me to the left-hand corner of the ram-paddock, as the best place for my horse.’