Definition of ram air in English:

ram air


mass nountechnical
  • Air which is forced to enter a moving aperture, such as the air intake of an aircraft.

    • ‘A modified cowling was needed along with a large intake under the fuselage to supply ram air but the project was not completely successful due to developmental problems and both companies dropped the experiment.’
    • ‘The aircraft still was getting ram air over the cooling fins, but most of the efficiency of the exchanger had been lost.’
    • ‘A stock 5.3 litre Jaguar V12 was used, with the only changes being ram air intakes.’
    • ‘Not only was the ram air package a status symbol around the drive-in, it really worked because it included the above-mentioned specific internal engine parts that were completely different from the standard engine packages.’
    • ‘Paragliders trace their pedigree back to the original ram air parachutes developed in the 1960s by the American space agency, NASA.’