Definition of ralph in English:



[no object]North American
  • Vomit.

    ‘he'll ralph all over the place’
    with object ‘he ralphed up the downers and the quarts of beer’
    • ‘Moving on, I denied my instincts and tried not to think about what had happened until I missed my period, threw up my orange juice one morning and had to quit smoking because every time I smelled the smoke I almost ralphed.’
    • ‘There's a bathroom in the back where you can ralph.’
    • ‘I feel like ralphing in the trash barrel outside Mr. Toad's Wild Ride instead.’
    • ‘My head was killing me, and I felt like I was going to ralph any second.’
    • ‘Watching somebody ralph makes you feel sick, too?’
    • ‘Often I'd have to lean over the edge of the cot and ralph.’
    be sick, spew, spew up, fetch up
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1960s: origin uncertain; apparently a use of the male given name Ralph, but perhaps imitative.