Definition of rallying in English:



  • 1The action or process of coming together to support a person or cause:

    ‘the rallying of ethnic minorities to form a new opposition party’
    • ‘The rallying of public opinion plays a critical role in assembling solid support for British troops going into action.’
    • ‘Frankly, if the present indecisiveness goes on much longer, it might well be too late to allow a rallying of the troops for the next election.’
    • ‘One of the Herald's finest moments was its rallying of support for the 1913 Dublin lockout, when bosses tried to break Irish workers' unions.’
    • ‘The current atmosphere of rallying round the president at a time of crisis probably makes him strong enough to withstand a coup attempt.’
    • ‘Much of the final rallying of support will be done in Singapore's hotels before the 117th plenary session of the IOC.’
    • ‘For instance, there has been some rallying of women's groups together in response to the government cutbacks.’
    • ‘If the situation is ever resolved - say by some kind of workable two-state solution - then I'd guess some other rallying point will be found.’
    improvement, rallying, picking up, betterment, amelioration, turn for the better
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  • 2The sport or action of participating in a motor rally:

    ‘established names in international rallying’
    • ‘Juliet said her interest in motor rallying developed from friends rather than any family background or interest in motor sport.’
    • ‘There will be fierce competition among the top seeds over two tough days of rallying to decide the outcome of this most prestigious of motorsport events.’
    • ‘Just to add to his learning curve, Jordan's first taste of rallying will be in the dark as the Robin Hood starts with four stages on Saturday evening.’
    • ‘They re-start early on Saturday with a full day of rallying before returning to Dumfries for the finish later in the evening.’
    • ‘The good news is that the future of British rallying is looking bright, thanks to the burgeoning talent of Guy Wilks and Kris Meeke.’


  • Having the effect of calling people to action:

    ‘a rallying cry’
    • ‘After 20 years, the words ‘Big Government’ have lost some of their potency as a political rallying cry.’
    • ‘Still, artists saw little action by city officials, who failed to take up the rallying cry.’
    • ‘The swimming squad's outspoken Australian coach, Bill Sweetenham, was forced to issue a rallying cry to his team.’
    • ‘‘Everybody tighten your belt’ is not a powerful rallying cry.’
    • ‘And, once again, the rallying cry has been trumpeted.’
    • ‘This is a rallying cry, and the simpler the appeal the better.’
    • ‘Francophiles will claim Charles de Gaulle's rallying cries to the ‘free French’ to resist were a turning point in their nation's fortunes.’
    • ‘That was the rallying cry to mothers today as Breastfeeding Awareness Week got under way in south Essex.’
    • ‘During the next ten years, my conscience was formed by this courageous song, which was banned and yet remained a national rallying cry.’
    • ‘But the rallying cry is answered from many sides, the leaders of the pack draw nearer, and fear grips every heart.’
    • ‘Also in his rallying end-of-conference speech, he warned against assuming Labour would win a third term.’
    • ‘‘Real jobs for real pay’ has become the rallying cry.’
    • ‘Community groups in York are being urged to respond to a rallying cry to take part in a massive city centre parade in September.’
    • ‘In a bid to build opposition to the proposals, Mrs Johnson has sent out a rallying cry to heads at other city schools.’
    • ‘There he issued a rallying cry to resurrect professional rugby league in York and, since then, has put in numerous hours of unpaid work, along with Hall and Miller, to get a club back in the Rugby Football League.’
    • ‘While people in the colonies used the expression, it was not a central rallying cry, nor is it implied in the Declaration of Independence.’
    • ‘‘Keep them out’ has always been a good rallying cry.’
    • ‘But the rallying cry at demonstrations to date has been, ‘No business as usual,’ and I think it's a good one.’
    • ‘‘Canada does not have bears to spare,’ has become a rallying cry of environmental groups and ordinary citizens in Canada opposed to the plan.’
    • ‘There is no clear-cut formula as to the effect of a rallying speech by a president on consumer spending.’
    revitalizing, energizing, refreshing, reviving, vivifying, bracing, rejuvenating, enlivening, restorative
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