Definition of Rakiura in English:



  • ‘he visited Rakiura to research the whaling station that flourished in the 1920s’
    Maori name for Stewart Island
    • ‘Other areas include Northland and Rakiura National Park.’
    • ‘Flying to New York and noting the inevitable differences, he proposed Manhattan and Rakiura as opposites and worked with that dissonance rather than with the original site.’
    • ‘The Rakiura holiday is centred round Halfmoon Bay.’
    • ‘He imposed the grid system of Manhattan's street map on the interlacing of the Rakiura contours and coastlines.’
    • ‘However the real jewel, situated even further south, is a very small island, known as the anchor of New Zealand, called Rakiura or Stewart Island.’
    • ‘We were following the female's movements around Rakiura using satellite tracking equipment.’
    • ‘The Maori name for the island is Rakiura which means "land of the glowing skies" and visitors to the island see many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.’
    • ‘A Rakiura cruise has been featured in the last two issues of NZine.’
    • ‘There is a five day, four night, guided walk on Rakiura.’
    • ‘Most people come to Rakiura with backpacks and tramping boots, equipped to walk the tracks that cut across the island's magnificent national park.’


Mid 19th century: Maori, literally ‘glowing sky’.