Definition of raking light in English:

raking light


mass noun
  • (in art or photography) bright light, usually beamed obliquely, used to reveal such features as texture and detail.

    • ‘The figure is seen in raking light against an impenetrable blackness.’
    • ‘Sculpted by the raking light, the bathers are russet and gold in the sun, vibrant in blue and red two-piece swimsuits, trunks, a maillot, absorbed in the folding of towels and blankets.’
    • ‘The resulting his paintings is a harsh, raking light that strikes across the composition, illuminating parts of it while plunging the rest into deep shadow.’
    • ‘These involuntary sculptures were photographed on glass and subjected to a raking light so that they seem to hover just above the ground, casting a shadow.’
    • ‘The raking light emphasizes the uneven terrain of their bodies, covered with a seemingly infinite number of very fine wrinkles.’