Definition of rake over (old) coals (or rake over the ashes) in English:

rake over (old) coals (or rake over the ashes)


  • Revive the memory of an incident which is best forgotten.

    ‘no point in raking over old coals, opening old sores’
    • ‘They don't want to rake over old coals or engage in mudslinging but they stand by their investigation and are quite happy for work to be looked at and let the public judge it.’
    • ‘Last Friday in Edinburgh, Masterton and Burt were still raking over the ashes over their loss.’
    • ‘At first Rob treated it like any other job: it was history and nothing much could be gained by raking over old coals.’
    • ‘Will the best man rake over old coals in his speech?’
    • ‘Its editors aren't interested in raking over old coals or giving a definitive account of how the looting happened.’
    • ‘It's hard to know of which he is more ashamed - purposely ignoring a man with facial scarring or being caught raking over the ashes of his career at a sci-fi fair.’