Definition of Rajput in English:



  • A member of a Hindu military caste claiming Kshatriya descent.

    as modifier ‘a Rajput textile millionaire’
    • ‘The Rajputs fought back, during which groups of people were displaced or forced to move out of desolated areas.’
    • ‘It is no wonder that the Mongols and other Turkic speaking people were able to form relationships with Rajputs so very easily.’
    • ‘It is an ancient ritual practiced by a warrior race of India called Rajputs.’
    • ‘Kashmiri cooks added spices like saffron to kababs, and the Rajputs, with their hunting tradition, used game meat for kababs.’
    • ‘He also encouraged marriages between Hindu Rajputs and Muslims.’


From Hindi rājpūt, from Sanskrit rājan ‘king’ + putra ‘son’.