Definition of rainbow trout in English:

rainbow trout


  • A large, partly migratory trout native to the Pacific seaboard of North America. It has been widely introduced elsewhere, both as a farmed food fish and as a sporting fish.

    • ‘Intensive aquaculture of rainbow trout and other salmonids is a relatively new innovation, compared to the cultivation of most other animals.’
    • ‘Today's anglers fishing for rainbow trout carry several boxes of fly patterns, but only use a dozen flies.’
    • ‘I have even heard stories of captures of the migratory form of the rainbow trout, the steelhead, having been caught from rivers in the North West of England.’
    • ‘Due to their relative intolerance of carbohydrate, diets for carnivorous fish like rainbow trout consist primarily of proteins and lipids.’
    • ‘Pike have been showing this week and anglers are reminded to return all fish other than rainbow trout.’


rainbow trout