Definition of rainbow runner in English:

rainbow runner


  • A colourfully striped fish of the jack family, of warm seas worldwide.

    Elagatis bipinnulata, family Carangidae

    • ‘In this all-too-short evening session of trolling, we boated kingfish, yellowfin tuna, and dog-tooth tuna, as well as the usual bonito and rainbow runners.’
    • ‘Our second dive was at the nearby Batu Panjang site, which offered an even greater number of giant clams, and dense schools of snapper and rainbow runners.’
    • ‘Five sharks circled us as rainbow runners scraped off parasites from their sides.’
    • ‘Dive it and you are almost guaranteed to see schooling barracuda, horse-eye jacks and rainbow runners, as well as giant green moray eels and hawksbill turtles hunting for a meal on the reef.’
    • ‘Dense schools of fusiliers swarm past, followed by squadrons of predators like big-eye trevally, mackerel and rainbow runners.’