Definition of rainbow lorikeet in English:

rainbow lorikeet

(also rainbow lory)


  • A small vividly coloured Australasian parrot, found in many different races on south-western Pacific islands.

    Trichoglossus haematodus, family Loridae (or Psittacidae)

    • ‘Many a Queenslander has happy memories of childhood visits to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with its noisy flocks of rainbow lorikeets.’
    • ‘At the same time, some Australians are complaining about animal disruptions, such as the pungent smell of fruit bats or the loud noise made by rainbow lorikeets.’
    • ‘The rainbow lorikeets can compete for nesting holes in trees.’
    • ‘The bill ensures that the protective provisions of the Wildlife Act do not conflict with the use of the Biosecurity Act to control a wildlife organism that has since proved to have undesirable effects, as it did with the rainbow lorikeet.’
    • ‘The autumn sun slips gently behind the pecan tree and five rainbow lorikeets cruise in to see if I have spread some bread crumbs on the roof.’