Definition of rainbow-like in English:



  • Consisting of or containing many different colours.

    ‘a rainbow-like pattern on the glass’
    ‘a rainbow-like shimmer’
    • ‘A rainbow-like circle around the shadow on a cloud below an airplane you are in is a glory.’
    • ‘The packaging will have a see-through lid, so that you can see what color you're getting - and so that retailers can create attractive, rainbow-like displays.’
    • ‘Arrange the cupcakes in rows sorted by colour to create a beautiful, rainbow-like display.’
    • ‘The figures are rendered in autumnal, rainbow-like colours, filled with blurred glyph-like designs.’
    • ‘Increased activity of the thyroid gland makes the small fish lose their rainbow-like markings and adopt a silvery sheen.’
    • ‘The light was broken up into an oily, hazy patch of rainbow-like colour.’
    • ‘There was a rainbow-like display of colour on the catwalk for the season, from tomato reds to neon oranges and electric blues.’
    • ‘Lower Calf Creek spills over a sheer, mineral-rich sandstone, resulting in a rainbow-like stain.’
    • ‘His development after that was towards rivulets of colour arranged in rainbow-like bands, often on a predominantly bare canvas.’