Definition of rain tree in English:

rain tree


  • A large tropical American tree which is widely planted as a street tree. It has grooved bark which typically supports epiphytic plants, and ‘rain’ is excreted by cicadas that live in the tree.

    Albizia saman, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Within the city, smaller trees could be planted, but wherever possible, like in open spaces and government offices and schools, big rain trees can be planted.’
    • ‘Lots of other trees bloom in summer, the rain tree, the neem and the Silk cotton.’
    • ‘It is 9 a.m. and Chandran has set up shop under the shade of a young rain tree on the Chakkai-Injackal bypass.’
    • ‘The century-old rain trees with their huge umbrella canopy appear to nod in gratitude to the British officers who planted them, making the whole estate a giant oxygen factory.’
    • ‘The garden was filled with cherry blossoms and swaying rain trees.’