Definition of railway yard in English:

railway yard


  • An area consisting of a network of railway tracks, sidings, and sheds for storing, maintaining, and joining engines and carriages.

    • ‘A core group of Aborigines came to the area in the 1940s to find work in the nearby railway yards or to join relatives who had already made the pilgrimage from tribal homelands.’
    • ‘Three female staff sat behind an uncovered trestle table squinting into the sun as they looked west to the railway yard and industrial buildings between the club and Hoddle Street.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to the Dutch developer with plans to convert the decaying EL railway yards into live/work spaces?’
    • ‘A lot of scenes involve fights at railway yards and on train tracks.’
    • ‘All drivers in the Geelong railway yards sounded their whistles while fireworks and torches lit up Johnston Park.’
    • ‘Now classed as an American scene painter, in 1936-7 he was commissioned by Fortune magazine to paint the Pennsylvania railway yards and the West Virginia coalfields.’
    • ‘It eventually became too valuable for a railway yard.’
    • ‘He said when he took over the investigations, the train was already in the railway yard and the inquest report had not been made.’
    • ‘Topographic barriers, such as rivers or railway yards, could act to reduce drug trafficking by impeding the ease of access to and exit from areas where drug dealing occurs.’
    • ‘It was in fact a railway yard, 12 miles of tracks to hold 350 sleeping cars on 21 acres of land.’
    • ‘Not long after moving to the northeast Minneapolis neighborhood, she was walking along Central Avenue when she spotted a curious-looking building in an adjacent railway yard.’
    • ‘He had to make his measurements at times when no shunting was going on in the railway yards more than a mile from his laboratory.’
    • ‘This is shown in the film not as postcard pretty, but as a place busy with industry, sprawling, run down suburbs, and tiny cramped homes set amid vast railway yards.’
    • ‘It will be built on a site which the school already owns beside part of the site of the old railway yard, and access will be from Bishop Street and Station Road.’
    • ‘This land belongs to Propnet, a division of Transnet, part of the larger railway yards over which the bridge spans.’
    • ‘The wooden stand had stood at the East Melbourne cricket ground, on the current site of the Jolimont railway yards.’
    • ‘He is one of London's growing band of middleclass graffiti writers - well-educated professionals who risk jail and large fines for the thrill of spraypainting trains and railway yards.’
    • ‘It was once an industrious railway yard that employed over 700 people.’
    • ‘The sidelifter capabilities will allow it to be left on a dockside or railway yard without need for a prime mover to remain in location.’
    • ‘Redevelopment of railway yards, industrial buildings and lands has changed the look of Toronto and many other cities.’