Definition of railcar in English:



  • 1A powered railway passenger vehicle designed to operate singly or as part of a multiple unit.

    • ‘Six examples of the new railcars, twenty of which were bought at a cost of £24 million, have been used on the Longford - Dublin / Connolly Station line since early April.’
    • ‘If the service needed a ninth railcar then it would get a ninth railcar.’
    • ‘He said the new regional railcars would be similar to the railcars on the Cork-Cobh route and would operate the Tralee-Mallow / Cork services.’
    • ‘All new and upgraded rail and bus stations, all light rail vehicles and suburban railcars and all buses financed under the NDP must be accessible to people with mobility and sensory impairments.’
    • ‘The order of 120 intercity railcars is the most significant step yet in the transformation of the intercity fleet by Iarnród Éireann.’
    • ‘We've already seen improvements on some services on the Waterford route, and later this year we hope to go to tender for a brand new fleet of regional railcars to operate routes such as Waterford / Heuston and Rosslare / Connolly.’
    • ‘Guests ride a funicular railcar that trundles up and down the hill.’
    • ‘The new trains, which will consist of six to eight diesel railcars, each of which is self-propelled, will be replacing the present locomotives and carriages.’
    • ‘In 1977 the Blue Streak railcars were withdrawn and all passenger services on the main lines were taken over by buses.’
    • ‘Because each of the railcars has its own engine there is less risk of disruptions to service because of breakdowns.’
    • ‘The delivery of 80 new commuter railcars would offer commuters more capacity, improve off-peak services and give additional services on a number of inter-city routes.’
    • ‘These modern railcars will provide greater comfort and reliability of services for passengers and in many cases substantially increase capacity, the minister pledged.’
    1. 1.1rail carNorth American Any railway carriage or wagon.
      • ‘The public transportation fleet in the U.S. consists of 129,000 vehicles; 58 percent of them are buses, and only one percent are light rail cars.’
      • ‘In November, the company announced plans to add 327 acres of direct rail access for customers that load rail cars at their facilities.’
      • ‘Organizers usually stick to standard rail cars on loan from, say, Amtrak, but since this year's trip was slated for Pennsylvania, Levin had a chance to show off a bit.’
      • ‘That money funded the purchase of three rail cars for an already-operating excursion train, Evans said.’
      • ‘Contractors expect to take several days removing the derailed rail cars.’
      • ‘Schmidt identifies the first use of bar codes as an effort by Sylvania and GTE to track rail cars in the 1960s.’
      • ‘Engines and rail cars were dispatched in substandard condition.’
      • ‘The 13-city Dallas Area Rapid Transit system consists of 95 light rail cars and nearly 900 buses.’
      • ‘County Commissioners have voted to buy a railroad engine and two rail cars for the line.’
      • ‘Most towns are too small to fill rail cars economically, if the railroad even passes by anymore.’
      • ‘Just east of the depot, two parked rail cars serve as a gift shop and a book store.’
      • ‘Eleven months later - after a series of jobs that included clearing hazardous waste from rail cars - he returned to the Air Force.’
      • ‘Montreal-based Bombardier supplies the lightweight fiberglass rail cars and has a five-year operations and maintenance contract.’
      • ‘The tramway was double tracked, with an endless cable that was attached to rail cars running up and down the tracks in a continuous procession.’
      • ‘Railroad crews also were checking the rail lines and a rail car was being sent along the route with a solution of baking soda and water to neutralize the acid.’
      • ‘The so-called roll-on, roll-off barges have a ramp outfitted with rail tracks that can be connected to those on land, letting rail cars move from barge to land tracks without interruption.’
      • ‘The machines were also light enough in weight to be frequently hauled through the tunnels and operated on top of flatbed rail cars.’
      • ‘Organized loss of cargo takes place in a wide variety of ways, from employee/driver theft to hijacking of entire fleets of trailers and rail cars.’
      • ‘The two derailed locomotives remained upright after jumping the tracks, as did two of the five rail cars, Melonas said.’
      • ‘If all of the construction materials used to rebuild Potsdamer Platz were loaded on rail cars, the train would stretch 5,000 kilometers.’