Definition of rahui in English:



  • A prohibition against a particular area or activity, typically one in force temporarily in order to protect a resource.

    ‘a Maori elder placed a rahui on the river’
    • ‘In Maoridom, a tapu area is considered sacred and holy and it is believed that anyone breaking the rahui will face spiritual consequences.’
    • ‘He said placing a rahui was an effective cultural way of dealing with a major community problem.’
    • ‘He blessed the track and placed a rahui, or protective restriction, on the remainder of the track from Red Crater to Ketetahi.’
    • ‘Two carvings will be placed alongside billboards at each end of Matapihi Peninsula to warn people of the rahui.’
    • ‘Some Maori elders are now talking about putting a rahui, or ban, on methamphetamine, and I will give every support I can to their efforts.’
    • ‘The rahui is intended to respect the mana of the mountain and ensure the safety and protection of all people entering the region.’
    • ‘The rahui bans fishing in the area.’
    • ‘The blue cod fishery down there is so threatened that two whole fiords have had to be closed in a rahui, while the fishery rebuilds.’
    • ‘The town's community had recently imposed a rahui and banned patches on a local marae.’
    • ‘The benefits of the rahui would not only be seen in Matapihi, but through Tauranga Moana as a whole.’


Early 19th century: Maori.