Definition of ragworm in English:



  • A predatory marine bristle worm which is frequently used as bait by fishermen.

    Family Nereidae: several genera and species, especially Nereis diversicolor

    • ‘Stray ragworm wound their excitable way to land, before diving below the sandy surface in fear of their lives.’
    • ‘Lugworm and ragworm are also good, but tend to produce the smaller fish.’
    • ‘But researchers have found that both kinds of photoreceptors grow on a humble animal known as a ragworm, which is believed to have branched off very early in the evolution of bilaterians.’
    • ‘Anglers had a selection of baits with them lugworm, ragworm mackerel, sandeel and peeler crab to catch that winning fish.’
    • ‘When things get tough, the best alternative option to attract the fish is King ragworm or the smell, flash and movement of a properly presented mackerel strip.’