Definition of raging in English:



  • 1Showing rage.

    ‘a raging bull’
    • ‘I, on the other hand, discovered the challenge of carrying a raging toddler over my shoulder, up a verdant hill, in high heels, only to watch him run right back down.’
    • ‘But it wasn't a raging bull; it was just terrified.’
    • ‘The man could laugh at his own mistakes, but turned into raging bull whenever I made one.’
    • ‘The mage obeyed, and summoned her strongest spells against the raging horde.’
    • ‘At the height of the violence a raging gang of 40 men bombarded the pub with bricks and customers were forced to barricade themselves in the landlord's living quarters in fear of their lives.’
    • ‘However, what was once a test of strength that pitted one man against a raging bull is now a free-for-all in a large open space.’
    • ‘It is as challenging as being a matador who evades a herd of raging bulls.’
    • ‘He becomes a raging lion when he is angry, a tiny mouse when he is scared and a multitude of other forms depending on how he is feeling.’
    • ‘This new fighter was no exception, they just didn't seem to learn, he was charging at Gytr like a raging bull complete with snorts and bellows.’
    • ‘Too many people knowing what was going on in her life always ticked her off and she was like a raging bull ready to kill anyone who asked what was wrong.’
    • ‘Surely you've got more sense than a raging bull, charging each time you see the matador's red rag!’
    • ‘Even if you make the eight-second limit, dismounting is still jumping off a raging bull and landing in the dirt.’
    • ‘Steel clattered, cries soared through the cerulean skies, rage unleashed, war came upon the raging countries.’
    • ‘She just gave him a look that would have stopped a raging bull and gave him the pail.’
    • ‘As the fight continued Amanda watched in fascination as her friendly innkeeper turned into a raging bull determined to tear his opponent limb from limb.’
    • ‘Several times we had to hastily rise up our feet as the raging bull was getting too close for comfort.’
    • ‘Whenever he sees this colour, he turns into a raging, seething, out-of-control ruffian!’
    • ‘Her trained poodle had turned into a raging pit bull.’
    • ‘Will Edwards bite the bullet, silence raging campaign staff and be a good Veep for the good of the party and himself?’
    • ‘Archers fired at the raging beast, but his powerful armour and great bulk absorbed the pitiful wooden arrows as if they were just light mosquito bites.’
    angry, furious, enraged, incensed, infuriated, irate, wrathful, seething, fuming, blazing, flaming mad, blazing mad, mad, ranting, raving, beside oneself
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    1. 1.1 Continuing with great force or intensity.
      ‘the stream could become a raging torrent in wet weather’
      ‘her raging thirst’
      • ‘The commercial tells the tale of the brave Kerryman who undertook a gruelling 35-mile walk in a raging blizzard to summon help for the rest of his expedition.’
      • ‘I had a raging thirst and there was tubing running through my nose and down the back of my throat, which felt incredibly dry.’
      • ‘Countless seafarers have been dragged into watery graves by the raging maelstrom that inhabits the two-mile strip of open water between the Hebridean islands of Jura and Scarba.’
      • ‘A torrent of raging water swept in, almost killing them.’
      • ‘The raging fire light up the sky as the storm continued.’
      • ‘The Coast Guard say many citizens who survived the deadly winds and raging flood waters are now dying of heat and starvation because the rescue effort is just too slow.’
      • ‘His sister jumped in to save him only to be left struggling in the raging sea as the surfer tried to hang on to her.’
      • ‘Almost 40 soldiers braved a raging fire and potentially lethal asbestos fumes as they tackled a warehouse blaze in the early hours of yesterday morning.’
      • ‘Seventeen miles up-valley, a raging creek flows in clear to join the silty Soler, an unnamed peak filling the V between the two streams.’
      • ‘The sweet flowing stream turned into a raging torrent.’
      • ‘As the two candidates continued to trade barbs, it was the raging conflict that grabbed the most attention.’
      • ‘Several years ago, I watched one of those 911 real life rescue shows in which a man had chanced to see a child fall into a reservoir in the middle of a raging flood.’
      • ‘A firestorm is violent, has raging winds, and has extremely high temperatures; but fortunately it does not spread very rapidly.’
      • ‘The war is just one issue that has sparked a raging debate among trade unionists about whether unions should continue to fund Labour while it attacks their members.’
      • ‘Simon said he has grown accustomed to regularly hearing what sounds like a raging party downstairs - usually after midnight.’
      • ‘Eventually, her eyelids closed and she fell asleep dreaming of wild woods, raging storms and open seas.’
      • ‘It's the type of band you wish you could see at a raging party in your friend's basement but instead have to shell out mega-bucks to see on a mega-tour at a baseball stadium.’
      • ‘Police were last night continuing their investigations into how a car plunged into a raging river, killing four men and injuring one.’
      • ‘I sauntered through the upstairs hall, reluctant to go out into the raging blizzard outside.’
      • ‘As the Cavanaghs rounded the corner, they stumbled into a raging party celebrating Armagh's win.’
      stormy, violent, strong, wild, turbulent, tempestuous, blustery
      severe, extreme, huge, excessive, very great, inordinate
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    2. 1.2informal Tremendous.
      ‘he had been a raging success in Spain’
      • ‘The Swindon Auction Rooms are now closed but their final sale was a raging success.’
      • ‘There were some tears of course, and one very minor tantrum, but all in all I think it is safe to say that the school Easter bonnet parade was a raging success with the critics.’
      • ‘The annual singer-songwriter festival that happened this past Canada Day was a raging success by any standards.’
      • ‘Personally, I thought that Guest Week was a raging success.’
      • ‘The Holiday Pledge Drive, into which the current round of fundraising seems to have evolved, has been a raging success.’
      • ‘Today, his Arkansas-based timber company is a raging success.’
      • ‘I admire the inventiveness, and while not everything is a raging success, there's a lot to like.’
      • ‘They use the raging success of the single to slingshot the album into the charts straight to #49.’
      • ‘Due to the raging success of our products, money coming in has been able to finance improvements to keep up with the demand for product going out.’
      • ‘The screening in the big theater, loaded with folks from 7 to 70, was a raging success.’
      • ‘Whilst many residents may disagree, the Pattaya Music Festival 2002 was a raging success with more people than ever seen before on the city's streets.’
      • ‘And by that standard, the third quarter was a raging success.’
      • ‘It was a raging success, with visits to the Dalaro website and the fictional Soto's page totalling more than half a million hits.’
      • ‘While it wasn't a raging success for soccer, the protector did have the side effect of increasing the competitiveness of the girls due to increased confidence.’
      • ‘But with the right mix of supervision, freedom and restraint, it could be a raging success.’
      • ‘My third climb with Patrick was a raging success.’
      • ‘A gathering of more than 30 top city dignitaries met at York's Norwich Union Life headquarters to celebrate the raging success of York Business Pride.’
      • ‘The arrival of a U.S. colonel and his aides in Hercules C130 military transport planes, however, proved to be a raging success.’
      • ‘For Paul to emerge as a leading candidate, he'll have to turn his current assignment into a raging success.’
      • ‘If that's what they had in mind, it was a raging success.’