Definition of Raelian in English:



  • A member of an atheistic cult based on the belief that humans originated from alien scientists who came to earth in UFOs.

    • ‘Two amateur documentary makers say they infiltrated the UFO / cloning sect known as the Raelians and got candid videos they hope will further reveal the group's motives.’
    • ‘The chemist who is directing the cloning project for the Raelians says that a number of young women are willing to serve as surrogate mothers; one is the woman's own daughter.’
    • ‘His appearance seemed to lend a whiff of legitimacy to the claim of the Raelians, who happen to think, among other weird beliefs, that humans are clones of extraterrestrials.’
    • ‘Well, today we ask this question - did the controversial cult, the Raelians, really clone a human being, or is it a hoax?’
    • ‘Our website has had millions of hits, our books are selling as never before and their is a massive demand for people wanting to join the Raelians.’


  • Relating to the Raelians or their beliefs.

    • ‘Clonaid, an organisation linked to the Raelian religious cult, claims it has created the first human cloned baby, named Eve.’
    • ‘In other words, in Raelian belief, intelligence is responsible for the origin of the intricate DNA codes of life, including the ones coding for our intelligent brain.’
    • ‘The group caught the attention of the film-makers after they discovered that one of the Raelian commandments is to give one percent of your annual income to help deliver his message.’
    • ‘That claim, by the Raelian movement, also met with scepticism from scientists and has not been backed since by essential DNA proof.’
    • ‘Where are the Raelian books that posit that life was bioengineered on Earth by an alien race?’


1990s: from Rael, assumed name of Claude Vorilhon, French singer and journalist, author of The Message Given to me by Extraterrestrials (1974).