Definition of radiosonde in English:



  • An instrument carried by balloon or other means to various levels of the atmosphere and transmitting measurements by radio.

    • ‘This rate of temperature decrease, the environmental lapse rate, must be measured to be known; this is done routinely by balloons carrying instruments called radiosondes.’
    • ‘The MMS sounds the atmosphere with a balloon-borne radiosonde, which measures the meteorological parameters of temperature, pressure, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction.’
    • ‘These problems are sufficiently serious that the US National Weather Service adjusts satellite data every week to match radiosondes, in effect relying upon radiosondes as a reference instrument.’
    • ‘They were also used to taking radiosondes into the upper atmosphere to measure temperature, pressure, and humidity.’


1930s: from radio- (relating to broadcasting) + German Sonde ‘probe’.