Definition of radiopaque in English:


(also radio-opaque)


  • (of a substance) opaque to X-rays or similar radiation.

    ‘radiopaque stones in both kidneys’
    • ‘The surgeon places a radiopaque sponge in the back of the neonate's throat to minimize the amount of blood ingested and then makes an incision along the hard palate.’
    • ‘In another application, unitary catheters can feature radiopaque markers to determine distance.’
    • ‘This plated design also translates into cost savings for device manufacturers, as it requires less of the expensive radiopaque materials than welded models.’
    • ‘Patients with a radiopaque ureteral stone who elect a conservative approach should be advised to have regular follow-up KUB radiographs at one - to two-week intervals.’
    • ‘Radiography of vessels after the injection of a radiopaque contrast material usually requires percutaneous insertion of a radiopaque catheter and positioning under fluoroscopic control.’
    • ‘Traditionally, tubing made from plastics with colorants, radiopaque materials, and other additives requires compounding before it is extruded.’
    • ‘A plain film of the right calf was negative for fracture, dislocation or radiopaque foreign bodies.’
    • ‘Treat chemicals and reagents (eg, formalin, saline, Lugol's solution, radiopaque dyes, glutaraldehyde) in the OR with the same care and caution as medications.’
    • ‘Typically, spines and stingers are radiopaque, so radiography or ultrasonography may be used to locate any remaining pieces.’
    • ‘Because many injected substances are radiopaque, radiographs may help quantify the extent of the injury.’
    • ‘Plain radiographs may help, since about 15% of stones are radiopaque, but need not be done if other modalities available.’
    • ‘A radiograph was obtained; no fracture or radiopaque foreign body was revealed.’
    • ‘A chest radiograph showed multiple radiopaque scattered densities in both lung fields.’
    • ‘To prepare the patient for his image-guided radiotherapy, a gastrointestinal surgical oncologist implanted radio-opaque clips into the tumor bed during surgery.’
    • ‘Kidney stones are broadly categorised into calcareous (calcium containing) stones, which are radio-opaque, and non-calcareous stones.’
    • ‘Before the operation, the aneurysm's exact size and shape is measured using special radio-opaque dyes.’
    • ‘Above each needle, radiopaque numbers borrowed from the hospital radiology department were glued.’
    • ‘If stones are present, they appear as radiolucent or radiopaque calculi within the gallbladder.’
    • ‘Consistent with the endoscopic findings, a 13 mm radio-opaque pill did not pass beyond the proximal esophagus.’
    • ‘Barium oxide is often added to plastic catheter tubing as a radiopaque agent.’