Definition of radiometer in English:



  • An instrument for detecting or measuring the intensity or force of radiation.

    • ‘He led the design and construction of a new generation of precision radiometers, which have been flown extensively on both manned and unmanned aircraft.’
    • ‘The measurements should deviate less than 8% during the whole day if the radiometers are mounted side by side and detect the same solar radiation.’
    • ‘The radiometer measured light intensity by the number of revolutions induced over time, and the bolometer measured a decrease in electrical resistance upon absorption of radiation.’
    • ‘And that absorption forms the basis by which satellite UV radiometers detect ozone from space.’
    • ‘Light intensities were measured ca. every 15 minutes from sunrise to sunset at each microsite on a clear day in summer and winter using a quantum radiometer.’
    • ‘Rather than measure temperature directly, a differential radiometer uses a pair of antennae to detect the difference in temperature between two separate parts of the sky.’
    • ‘We added three sets of broadband solar radiometers mounted on an aircraft, which was flown over the site and above stratiform clouds at an altitude of 7 km.’
    • ‘To maintain the continuity of the record it is necessary that the cycled radiometers have the same spectral responsivities.’
    • ‘It arrived at Venus at a distance of 34, 800 kilometers and scanned its surface with infrared and microwave radiometers.’
    • ‘The effect of these differences on the field operation of UV-B radiometers has been studied by calculating the instrumental response from modeled UV spectra.’
    • ‘Broadband radiometers are common tools to measure UV-A, UV-B or the ultraviolet index.’
    • ‘The emitted dose was regularly quantified by a UVB radiometer and photodetector.’
    • ‘During that time, each of its six radiometers takes 70 million measurements.’
    • ‘An independent calibration, traceable to it UK national standard, was carried out on the IL1400A radiometer and detector by the Gloucestershire medical physics service.’
    • ‘Maps that show areas of potential floods use precipitation radar data and high-resolution measurements of water content of clouds made by microwave radiometers.’
    • ‘The UVA and SUV radiometers measure the total global solar irradiance away from any shade.’
    • ‘Unlike other temperature-measuring devices, the radiometer makes its measurements remotely.’
    • ‘They also used satellite-mounted sensors called radiometers to determine the amount, type, and temperature of the vegetation.’
    • ‘In 2002, Australian National University scientists found a way to measure global dimming without the use of radiometers.’
    • ‘The UV-B radiometer is intended to measure the hemispheric radiation reaching a horizontal surface.’