Definition of radio astronomy in English:

radio astronomy


mass noun
  • The branch of astronomy concerned with radio emissions from celestial objects.

    • ‘Today some 10 neutron-star-neutron-star binaries have been discovered, and radio astronomy has accumulated a spectacular database of more than 1500 pulsars.’
    • ‘Allen said that the project was an opportunity to search for intelligent life beyond the solar system while doing conventional radio astronomy.’
    • ‘These millimeter wave frequencies have been used for radio astronomy, space-based cloud imaging, and various military applications.’
    • ‘By 1952, despite the pioneering work in radio astronomy in France, it became clear that others were using more powerful instruments and the French could not compete.’
    • ‘As a next step the astrophysicists want to use the upcoming LOFAR array in the Netherlands and Germany for radio astronomy and cosmic ray research.’


radio astronomy