Definition of radicalism in English:



mass noun
  • The beliefs or actions of people who advocate thorough or complete political or social reform.

    ‘his natural rebelliousness found an outlet in political radicalism’
    • ‘He studied History at the City College of New York, then a hotbed of Left-wing radicalism.’
    • ‘Radicalism and conservatism are merely two ways that one attempts to make sense of the world.’
    • ‘This was a region known for its political radicalism.’
    • ‘He identifies with the great tradition of radicalism in England.’
    • ‘This is what happened in the sixties and early seventies, making radical feminism, and radicalisms of other varieties, possible.’
    • ‘There was high unemployment and religious radicalism was common.’
    • ‘This unexpected resurgence of popular radicalism set the scene for the century of upheaval that would follow.’
    • ‘Her track record does not have much of radicalism about it.’
    • ‘His social radicalism took shape after the First World War.’
    • ‘This provides us with the opportunity to further clarify the differences between Marxism and all forms of middle class radicalism on this important question.’